Hope for Healing Horses with Cancer ™

Our Mission and Beneficiaries

Our mission is to help educate horse owners on equine cancers, prevention, their causes and treatments.  We would like to bring awareness to the veterinary community and help provide support for research on equine cancers.

Current Beneficiaries:

Morris Animal Foundation:

Targeting Specific Growth Factors in Ocular Cancers 

Advances in chemotherapy in humans have led to improved treatment of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) with fewer or milder side effects. This study examines whether equine SCC, the most common tumor of the eye in horses, shares key properties with human SCC that would allow this treatment to be effective in horses. If true, then horses with SCC could also benefit from treatment with these drugs.

Study ID: D12EQ-803

Testing the Effectiveness of a Melanoma Vaccine in Horses Dr. Jeffrey C. Phillips, Lincoln Memorial University, D12EQ-037

Total Study Cost: $86,572
The goal of this project is to demonstrate whether a vaccine currently used to treat melanomas in dogs is safe and effective for treating melanomas in horses. Melanomas are among the most common tumors in horses; they occur in all breeds and colors of horses and are especially common in grey horses. This therapy has the potential to not only treat but also to prevent the development of equine melanomas.

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